This one’s for you

To those who grab the salt and tequila when life hands you lemons,
Who pick up the pieces when you fall apart.
To those who always answer when you call,
Who are willing to drop everything when you need them.

The people that make you laugh uncontrollably.
The people who challenge you.
The people that can make the silence beautiful.
To those who hug you when you ugly cry.

The people who let you crash on their couch.
The people that forgive you.
The people who don’t notice your flaws.
To those who don’t judge you.

The people that dance with you.
The people that are always at the top of your call log.
The people that you can always count on.
To those that will drive your car when you’ve had too much.

The people who support all of your decisions.
The people that show you new things.
The people who love you unconditionally.
To those who share your dreams and interests.

The people that see your soul.
The people that make every moment an amazing one.
The people that encourage you to be the best you.
To those who care.

The people that will stay up until sunrise.
The people that have their own opinions.
The people who are always happy to see you.
To those willing to share their last slice of pizza.

To those who you would always protect,
who you would always defend.
To those who make you who you are,
who you would do absolutely anything for.

This one’s for you.


What do you think?

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